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Friday, January 14, 2011

Slowly Cleaning Up!

I tried to get all the decorations from Christmas cleaned up this week....but Harley loves this box LOL! I couldnt bear to make him move...he has slept on that box of ornaments so much the top is caving in!

How about all of you? Are you all cleaned up from the holidays? I hate putting it away but I do enjoy how clean it feels after I get it done. We have everything down and Hubby just has a few more boxes to pack up and get in the attic.

This weekend I am finishing up items for my swap over at Prim Pals forum and Edgar Allen the Travelling crow will get finished so he can start his journey! Watch for details on that! I will post here but also at the forum.

We have lots of snow here but the roads are clear so its not bad out at all. Hubby and I may visit a few local antique stores tomorrow if the weather stays good. Then we are having dinner at a friends...a rare occassion for us! We dont go too far from home this time of year and my neighbours all joke if they see me cause they think I hibernate!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Im going down by the fire to craft! Gotta stay warm!


  1. just joined your blog! found you on primitive post..

    Kitty is TOO cute-mine thinks he has to get on everything I'm photographing for my etsy shop...or if I fall asleep making something I can be assured when I wake up he'll be sitting on it..why is it that cats think they are so "entitled"..kinda like

  2. LOL, just what is it with cats and boxes?? When i worked at the animal hospital we had to check all empty supply boxes before taking them out because the clinic cat would get in them! Hope your staying warm and glad to hear the roads are clear for you:)

  3. Mornin' Holli,
    I have a cat that has a "Box Fetish" it's serious. He pushes his box around so he can sleep were he wants to. We have had many a good belly laughs watching Nomi head butt his box into place just so he can nap by the stove or heater vent. It's just a plain cardboard box with a towel in it but he loves it...

  4. Nothing more precious than a loved one who finds his place and stays in it! Wouldn't it be sweet if all our relatives were like cats? :)

  5. oh your kitty is precious..our decor was put away the day after..still some winter stuff and lights outside..but after looking at our bill it may go away there is no tempation to turn them on..have a great weekend.;)

  6. So are you going to leave it out for him? lol I don't have many decorations up but I am leaving them up until Jaygen visits... Hopefully this weekend. Are you enjoying your day off?


  7. Your kitty looks so content and happy sleeping on that box. He might be sad when you take his new bed away. LOL...
    All my holiday decor is put away, but I have a few snowmen out. I will be those away around the first of Feb.
    We have snow on the ground here too, but the roads are looking we are going out to dinner tonight.
    Have fun crafting!!

  8. How cute is that... my cat is currently sitting in a box from one of our christmas presents that he hasn't left except to eat and do his business since christmas eve. lol. It'll sit there til he tires of it. The things we do.. :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Holli, I must confess I am not all cleaned up yet. Bad me. I have totes in the craft room that need taken to storage, waiting on Hubby for that. He procrastinates more than I do.8-) I tend to hibernate too, I just love home.8-)

  10. Hi Holli... Love that kitty and I would let it stay there too...
    My stuff finally got put away this week...
    Have fun this weekend...

  11. Holli, that is just too cute! Harley looks like he isn't ready for Christmas to end and wants to keep the ornaments out.

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