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Monday, August 10, 2009

Renovation opinions please!!

My Kitchen needs help!!!

Well here I am and already asking for help! First of all I am so sick of looking at my kitchen the way it is. I was trying to leave it until we could afford new cabinets and redo the whole thing. Well thats a long ways off with my husband in school so I have decided I cant stand it and I want to paint. As you can see from the pics the cabinets are old and the wall paper looks like it belongs in a babies room. I have just thrown things on the wall because I didnt really care knowing I was changing it anyways. I didnt want to wall paper again but of course when I removed a small piece I discovered I would have to for now since it is panel underneath and not sheetrock. So I went in search of a wall paper I liked. I wanted to go with a antique gold color of paint originally and found a wall paper in a similar color. It is made to look like you textured the paint on a wall so it is different shades. There is one that is more the yellow gold and one a little darker more orange-gold. I THINK I will go with the darker one. Now my plan was always to use gold and kind of a barn red color in the kitchen.....I want an opinion on the cabinets. I am into a *black* phase lately and think I want to paint them with black milk paint and then distress them. Do you think that is going to be too dark? Whats your opinion on the black? I also want to use old tin ceiling tiles for my back splash. I have great stainless appliances and I think this will look nice with them. Any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Oh and what to do with the *lovely* blue counter tops??? Has anyone tried the stuff that goes on like granite? You paint it on and then seal it I believe.
My second project is this wardrobe in my bedroom. Again what do you think of painting it black and distressing it? We have the mirror to replace the broken one above the drawers and I have been looking for different hardware. My husband thinks I am crazy to paint anything but its not like it is antique enough or in good enough shape to be *special*. It has no sentimental value to me...I just liked it and got a good deal!
Thanks for any help or opinions you can give me! So many of you are so talented and I appreciate the time you take to look! Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!


  1. Hi Holli~ I'm no decorator, but I think black cabinets would darken up your room alot, altho on the wardrobe I think it would be great!What about an antique white paint on the cabinets then distress that?? I saw recently Lisa over at primitives from above put in new homemade wood counters for not alot of money and they are awesome. Good luck whatever you decide, I'm sure it will come out great:)

  2. Hi Holli.. I too think the antique white (maybe over black) distressed would really prim those cupboards up. Being you have black appliances I think black cupboards would be too dark. But if you went with the distressed antique white you could leave your counters blue cause it would give it a country/prim look and then you could accent with barn reds, blues, mustards. There are such great prim wallpapers & wall paper borders now you could pick just about anything that would go with antique white and it would be fairly inexpensive. New curtains with stars or homespun would be great and maybe a few old kitchen utensils hung above your cupboards would really be neat too! The wardrobe would be great in black since that is your favorite and it's a smaller piece.

  3. Hey Holli..its me again! How would you feel about the color mustard. I have this photo I saved of a prim kitchen done in mustards cause I love it to death, then I have one the cupboards are done in a black too.. and I am debating barn red also.. if you would like I could email them to you.. I have been saving them cause I want to redo my boring old oak look but not sure what I want either. LMK.. Deb

  4. I thought that was my old kitchen at first. We had the same blonde cabinets a year ago. LOL Even the scroll work above the window area...we kept that though. We have a smaller kitchen and we painted and distressed our cabinets black. I love them!! I don't think they make the room dark or smaller either. They were going to be black with mustard over it, when I painted them black, I stopped right there! I also added a little trim work to the flat cabinet doors to give them interest. My other choice would be red but the kitchen trim is red and butts right next to the cabinets, so I didn't want it looking like it was all running together. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!