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Sunday, August 23, 2009

In My Mothers House

Well we survived Hurricane Bill! He was actually a bit of a let down...I like a good storm and we were well prepared. There were and still are many people without power but we were lucky and didnt lose ours at all.

Last week I worked in the area near my moms and while I was there I visited with her and decided to take a few pics in her house. Good thing she didnt catch me cause she would tell me her house was messy and not to do that! I thought I would share with you some of the prim things I love at my moms.
The shelf above has the funkiest little angel on the end of it and I love the sign behind it. I took the pics with my blackberry phone so they arent real clear but I hope you can see.
Below is in her kitchen and the cupboard I love but the crow is a favorite. He is holding a snowman and his sign says *He is my snowman* Very cute wearing his long stocking cap for winter. Mom couldnt bear to pack him away.
Really like this crow too carrying her baby like a stork and her base is an old spring. Love the Prim teddies on top as well!

My mom collected Boyds bears for many years so I think alot of these are what she has kept. Love the Prim sunflowers in the old jug as well.

The next pic didnt turn out well at all. It is an okld sideboard with many of her prim dolls and teddies on it.
And last but not this doll! She has a *baby on board* and looks so cute sitting next to the little wicker pram! The ceramic dog I gave my mom many years ago for Christmas when she had a bull dog like that. She loves him and he is always front and center with everything else!

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Mom has so many things and that was just a small sampling of where I get my love of prims from! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
One last note....Carmen at Waxed out Creative life had a great recipe a week or so ago for deep fried zucchini with a garlic sauce. I tried it on the weekend and it got rave reviews!!! Check it out...its soooo good!
See you all soon!


  1. Holli, I'm so glad you and your family and home are safe and sound:) Glad you liked the zucchini, I love the dipping sauce too! Love your momma's place, so prim and pretty and that dolly with child ( lol) is SO adorable:)Have a great day!!!!

  2. Holli,
    Glad to hear that you all are safe. I loved the pictures of your mom's is very prim and cozy!!

  3. I'm gonna tell Mom!!!! *laughing*

    Not much going on here. I should be doing homework but allergies have me zoning out after taking allergy meds. I have a meeting to go to in about 40 minutes for work. I should be in rare form for that. hehe

    Thank you for the recipe. I love fried zucchini... will have to try it.

    Debbie aka 'Sis'