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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Just thought I would leave a short post today before everything goes haywire here! I havent checked the forcast yet this morning but we are on track to be hit with hurricane Bill. Even if it doesnt make landfall we will get the effects...lots of wind and rain as we are on the coast. So today we get to pick up outdoor furniture and and anything that could become a projectile! The air is already hot and humid,tropical-like, due to the impending storm. We got in a few extra groceries and bottled water. I always have lots of batteries on hand so we arent too worried. I actually rather enjoy a good storm but dont relish losing power and the damage it causes to trees and flowers :( . I hope it wont be so bad and I will still have power and internet and phone! At any rate if anyone else is in Bill's path stay safe! Have a great weekend, Holli


  1. Holli~ Be safe in that storm!!!!

  2. Holli,
    I hope you and your family stay safe from hurricane Bill. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    hugs, Cindy