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Monday, August 31, 2009

Crooksville China and a Dream!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I thought I would show you where I moved my *dream* to! This is a shelf my mom bought me awhile ago and it never quite made it to the wall. She has friends who make all kinds of things from recycled wood and old furniture. The one above is from an old organ or piano. I love it! It is now on my bedroom wall holding my dream sign!

About a month ago mom and I went to do some thrift store shopping. Here there is a chain of used clothing/thrift stores called Frenchy's. I found these Crooksville China pieces there. There are 4 cups,5 bread and butter plates,and 5 fruit/dessert bowls. I paid 25 cents each for them and at the time I dont know why I even bought them. Just thought they were pretty. Well they have sat in the bag wrapped up all this time. I decided to sell them on ebay or kijiji today and upon doing a little research discovered they are kinda rare! Havent been made since 1939 and it seems they are worth way more than the 25 cents I paid!! Now Im excited and hope someone buys them!Hope everyone has a great week. Cloudy here today but looks like a good week. Im off to do some laundry and maybe read a few blogs!



  1. Hi Holli, what a deal you got on that china, hope you can find ya some more! How's that kitchen re-do coming along???? Thanks for commenting today on my blog, I was afraid some folks would see the word GUN and shy away from commenting. Hubby is installing some good deadbolts as I type this,and he got us a second motion detecting floodlight for outside, then I'll decide where to go from there. hope your having a safe, wonderful day:)

  2. Mom gives you all the good stuff! lol I love the shelves you have gotten there. I am still waiting on Wendell to hang our family picture we got back 4 months ago! Guess I will have to drag out the hammer and nails to get him moving! hehehe

    We are enjoying wonderful fall weather here. Made asparagus soup last night... yummy!

    Take Care,