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Monday, August 31, 2009

Crooksville China and a Dream!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I thought I would show you where I moved my *dream* to! This is a shelf my mom bought me awhile ago and it never quite made it to the wall. She has friends who make all kinds of things from recycled wood and old furniture. The one above is from an old organ or piano. I love it! It is now on my bedroom wall holding my dream sign!

About a month ago mom and I went to do some thrift store shopping. Here there is a chain of used clothing/thrift stores called Frenchy's. I found these Crooksville China pieces there. There are 4 cups,5 bread and butter plates,and 5 fruit/dessert bowls. I paid 25 cents each for them and at the time I dont know why I even bought them. Just thought they were pretty. Well they have sat in the bag wrapped up all this time. I decided to sell them on ebay or kijiji today and upon doing a little research discovered they are kinda rare! Havent been made since 1939 and it seems they are worth way more than the 25 cents I paid!! Now Im excited and hope someone buys them!Hope everyone has a great week. Cloudy here today but looks like a good week. Im off to do some laundry and maybe read a few blogs!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

In My Mothers House

Well we survived Hurricane Bill! He was actually a bit of a let down...I like a good storm and we were well prepared. There were and still are many people without power but we were lucky and didnt lose ours at all.

Last week I worked in the area near my moms and while I was there I visited with her and decided to take a few pics in her house. Good thing she didnt catch me cause she would tell me her house was messy and not to do that! I thought I would share with you some of the prim things I love at my moms.
The shelf above has the funkiest little angel on the end of it and I love the sign behind it. I took the pics with my blackberry phone so they arent real clear but I hope you can see.
Below is in her kitchen and the cupboard I love but the crow is a favorite. He is holding a snowman and his sign says *He is my snowman* Very cute wearing his long stocking cap for winter. Mom couldnt bear to pack him away.
Really like this crow too carrying her baby like a stork and her base is an old spring. Love the Prim teddies on top as well!

My mom collected Boyds bears for many years so I think alot of these are what she has kept. Love the Prim sunflowers in the old jug as well.

The next pic didnt turn out well at all. It is an okld sideboard with many of her prim dolls and teddies on it.
And last but not this doll! She has a *baby on board* and looks so cute sitting next to the little wicker pram! The ceramic dog I gave my mom many years ago for Christmas when she had a bull dog like that. She loves him and he is always front and center with everything else!

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Mom has so many things and that was just a small sampling of where I get my love of prims from! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
One last note....Carmen at Waxed out Creative life had a great recipe a week or so ago for deep fried zucchini with a garlic sauce. I tried it on the weekend and it got rave reviews!!! Check it out...its soooo good!
See you all soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Just thought I would leave a short post today before everything goes haywire here! I havent checked the forcast yet this morning but we are on track to be hit with hurricane Bill. Even if it doesnt make landfall we will get the effects...lots of wind and rain as we are on the coast. So today we get to pick up outdoor furniture and and anything that could become a projectile! The air is already hot and humid,tropical-like, due to the impending storm. We got in a few extra groceries and bottled water. I always have lots of batteries on hand so we arent too worried. I actually rather enjoy a good storm but dont relish losing power and the damage it causes to trees and flowers :( . I hope it wont be so bad and I will still have power and internet and phone! At any rate if anyone else is in Bill's path stay safe! Have a great weekend, Holli

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

I really appreciate the comments on my kitchen. After much debate I THINK I have decided to continue and do it the black. The final decision was after seeing pics of Kindra's kitchen she did in black last year. Her cabinets are almost exactly what I had seen at a home show and what I had in mind for my own. I wont start until it cools down a bit because the thought of working at sanding and painting in this way!!
Yesterday my sister and I took a little road trip and visited some farm markets and craft shops. It was nice to get away for a day. We dont get to spend alot of time together as she has two girls she is always busy with plus we both work different schedules. I have my mother in law(Lord help me) that now lives at my house and someone has to be around to administer her meds and keep her cared for. It makes for a sometimes very stressful house! I needed the day to relax. I am adding a few pics of one of the shops. Hope everyone has a great week ahead. Im off to work then home to bake with the wonderful blueberries I got yesterday in my travels! Happy Blogging!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Renovation opinions please!!

My Kitchen needs help!!!

Well here I am and already asking for help! First of all I am so sick of looking at my kitchen the way it is. I was trying to leave it until we could afford new cabinets and redo the whole thing. Well thats a long ways off with my husband in school so I have decided I cant stand it and I want to paint. As you can see from the pics the cabinets are old and the wall paper looks like it belongs in a babies room. I have just thrown things on the wall because I didnt really care knowing I was changing it anyways. I didnt want to wall paper again but of course when I removed a small piece I discovered I would have to for now since it is panel underneath and not sheetrock. So I went in search of a wall paper I liked. I wanted to go with a antique gold color of paint originally and found a wall paper in a similar color. It is made to look like you textured the paint on a wall so it is different shades. There is one that is more the yellow gold and one a little darker more orange-gold. I THINK I will go with the darker one. Now my plan was always to use gold and kind of a barn red color in the kitchen.....I want an opinion on the cabinets. I am into a *black* phase lately and think I want to paint them with black milk paint and then distress them. Do you think that is going to be too dark? Whats your opinion on the black? I also want to use old tin ceiling tiles for my back splash. I have great stainless appliances and I think this will look nice with them. Any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Oh and what to do with the *lovely* blue counter tops??? Has anyone tried the stuff that goes on like granite? You paint it on and then seal it I believe.
My second project is this wardrobe in my bedroom. Again what do you think of painting it black and distressing it? We have the mirror to replace the broken one above the drawers and I have been looking for different hardware. My husband thinks I am crazy to paint anything but its not like it is antique enough or in good enough shape to be *special*. It has no sentimental value to me...I just liked it and got a good deal!
Thanks for any help or opinions you can give me! So many of you are so talented and I appreciate the time you take to look! Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!