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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip to the Market

Yesterday was a great day here in Nova Scotia. It was sunny and above freezing so hubby and I decided to take a drive to Halifax to a weekend market. We had never been before and everyone was raving about it so off we went. This is a picture from the second level and doesnt even come close to showing you how many people were there selling and buying! This is looking in the opposite direction and sort of gives you the idea of how big the place is. There was everything there from fruits and veggies and baking to beef and fish and sausage and the best cheese I have had in a long time. All from local farmers and growers and producers. Then there were many local crafters selling their wares. I saw some beautiful carved wooden bowls and so much more eye candy! I wanted to bring it all home!
After we left there we ran a few errands and visited a little antique/thrift shop I had heard about. I did pick up a few things there that I will share with you at a later date. When we got home this is what we found in front of the fireplace. My our furbabies have such a hard life! Harley outgrew the little cat bed a long time ago but I washed it recently thinking I would add it to the yard sale box this spring. Apparently that wont be happening as he has been sleeping in it ever since! He is adorable all curled up in it ...or hanging out of it. He isnt real impressed if either dog gets near it either. I guess he doesnt like to share!
And of course Pearse and Chance love the heat of the fireplace and dont go too far from it when we have it on. Which is all the time from about October until April! Sometimes I wish I could just flop down and relax like they do. I hope you have all had a great weekend. Be watching soon for a giveaway here....oh and check out Prim Pals forum for an exciting new swap! Especially all you quilters...this one is going to be great fun!


  1. I love going to local markets and meeting the vendors that grow the food that we purchase. It is such a strong connection that they have with the land and so much more personal than going to the large chain store grocery.

    Harley looks comfy in his little cat bed, whether he fits all in it or not! Guess it will be staying in place afterall.

    Your pups look very content in front of the have a loved fur babies life...sigh!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. WOW, that market sounds WONDERFUL! I bet i could spend some serious $$$ there;) LOVE your precious furry ones and how they have such a wonderful life, they look so content!!!! Have a great day sweet friend:D

  3. I loved your post today...yeah, Cats like to be alpha even IF it's over two large DOGS lol

    Btw, I would just so, so love to have such a Market within 30 or 50 miles of me...glad you do and that you and hubby enjoyed it:)

  4. The market sounds like fun! Can't wait to see what you picked up. Love the picture of Harley! I don't think he will be giving up the bed anytime soon. lol


  5. What a great Market Place..TFS.. Oh those
    Furry Baby ... so sweet... just relaxing
    the day away :-)
    Have a great day....
    Trish :-)

  6. Love the picture of Harley...he doesn't seem to notice that he doesn't really fit into his bed any more!! LOL.... Just too cute!!

  7. I love the photos of your pets, Harley and that bed is hysterical.

    The market sounds great!

    I also wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, you are a no reply/comment blogger so I couldnt send you an email.

  8. Love the pictures of your Cats and dogs...but then I am an animal lover and love it when I see other peoples animals doing some of the same things our dogs and cats do...Thanks for sharing :)

  9. love the picture of harley..what a sweet kitty..our kittys have baskets with blankets and they love them..;)have a great week ahead too;)