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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eagle Watch

Every February Eagles come to our area. They nest not far from where we are and Im not sure if they are just passing thru or if they like the cold winters! Local Chicken farmers feed them birds that have died for whatever reason. The community hosts what they call Eagle Watch Weekend and there are thousands of Eagles feeding and probably as many people watching! here are some eating. Always amazes me to see so many in one place. They are a beautiful bird far away but rather ugly up close! The community also has an interpretive center and they teach people about the eagles. They host a breakfast to raise funds for the local area and it is truly a weekend that is full of activity. Coldddd but fun! The last pic is of one lone Eagle soaring in a blue sky. Couldnt resist that shot! I hope everyone is having a great week. Dont forget the giveaways and swaps over at Prim Pals! Lots of chances to win the Anniversay one since there will be at least 5 prizes! Check it out! Have a great day and keep praying for will show up soon!


  1. They are beautiful - how lucky you are to see so many in one place.

  2. We see the occasional eagle around here but nothing like that. I bet it is awesome to see that many in one spot.


  3. Wow!! How fortunate you are to witness such a gathering. Eagles are so facinating. THanks for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  4. That is an amazing site. Thank you for sharing, they are beautiful to look at.

  5. That is really neat. I think I've seen an eagle twice in my lifetime so far.

  6. very interesting..we've watched them in the winter fishing on the Mississippi..magnificent birds...

  7. What an awesome site to see!!

  8. How wonderful!! The pic you got was beautiful!!
    Have a great day and stay warm, it is 77 here and was 85 yesterday!! I am lovin it, but it won't last forever.8-)