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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrift Shop Goodies

Last Saturday when Hubby and I went to the market we also went to a thrift/antique shop my sister had told me about. It was a little out of the way but I wanted to check it out. She had alot of what I would call *junk* but she definately had a few jewels too! I picked up this great rolling pin and two wooden bowls. I love rolling pics and although Im not sure this is old at all I love that it was made in Canada and its a very long heavy one which I dont have one like! The bowls were unfinished and I should have bought all 5 that were there as I only paid $1.50 each. I will paint them and they are a great size for bowl fillers or rosehips. Again I dont know if you can read the stamp but they were made right here in Nova Scotia! So rare to find things like that here. We had a great day and my sister and I are already planning a trip back there when it warms up a bit. We got more snow last night and then ice and wind. So needless to say roads were terrible and I stayed home from work again today. Hope you are all having a great day.

While your blog hopping stop over to Prim Pals and check out the TWO....yes TWO swaps we have on the go! A quilt block and a spring time swap! Lots of new things going on at the forum so come join the fun! A link on my sidebar will take you there!


  1. Hi Holli!....What lucky finds! I love the wooden bowls also....maybe the others will still be there when you go back :) Thanks for visiting me always! Love the cozy pics of your babies (furry ones) a few posts ago....they are sweet. Stay warm and have a great week!
    Hugs ~ Jenn

  2. Hi Holli, love the rolling pin and bowls. I collect both of those things too. Hope you are getting to enjoy your time off work and maybe getting to craft.8-)

  3. Holli,

    Love to find out of the way thrift/antique stores...they sometimes have the best stuff. Love the bowls.


  4. Great bowls. So many times I have left things behind only to later go back & look for them. If still there I get them. I love the hunt of finding treasures. I hope the bowls are still there waiting for you. Blessings!

  5. Great finds Sis! I love the bowls and rolling pins. How many is that now? :)