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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mustard Pickles

Yes Mustard pickles took up my whole day today! This is Hubby chopping the onions in the food processor he insisted I needed for Christmas last year.(I have never used it>
And here is everything soaking in the salt water before we cook and add sauce! Its been a longggg day.
And in the pot with the sauce....dont they look good? And my house smells wonderful!
Its an old recipe of my grandmothers and everyone loves them but as usual no one but me ever makes them. So we did a double batch and most of the family will get a jar at Christmas.

I have also been working on a crow this weekend. He is all cut out and ready to sew(hopefully this evening) and soon he will have a name! Go on over to prim pals forum and vote in Name that crow post!

Tomorrow I work...hope you all are having an awesome weekend.



Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Awesome giveaway!!!

Melissa at Prim in the Country is having a great giveaway to celebrate the opening of her selling blog. Stop by and check it out! She has fantastic fall items for sale as well. Dont forget to tell her I sent you!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Ornie Swap!

Do you want some new ornies for your Christmas decorating? Check out the ornie swap going on at the Prim pals forum! If your not a member just sign up and you can join in the fun. You have until the end of September to join the swap and receive lots of new ornies handmade by other members. Check out Prim Pals for details!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Name that Crow!

Just a quick note....Im working long hours the next little while so my blog posts may be short!

BUT....I am running a little contest over on the Prim Pals forum called Name that Crow! So hop on over and check under the games section and enter for a chance to win! Dont forget you have to be a member....and if you arent....What are you waiting for???

Also tonight is Chat night at 7pm CST and I am doing another little contest regarding that..... check it out! Lotsa fun!

Have a great week!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Nest is Empty :( and Earl left a Mess!!

Remember my new fence? This is what it looks like after Earl Passed thru. The wind literally bent thick steel rebar until it snapped. The only good thing is the panels are intact so we just have to reset some posts. My Furry boys helping to remove fallen tree limbs! Big Maple Tree limb that came down in our back yard. Chance loves sticks and thought he could pull this one around...little too heavy for him!
And in other heartbreaking is my handsom son outside his new home. We moved him to University residence today. They were running on partial power due to the storm and of the 4 elevators only one was operational. So you can imagine the line ups to get to the elevator with all their belongings when there were thousands of students to move in. No ventilation and he is on the 17th floor of the high rise complex so definately not doing the stairs! Full power was restored this afternoon although there are still parts of the city with no power due to downed trees and lines.
This is me and him....and it was very windy so I look a mess....ok I was a mess and thats why Im wearing the sunglasses to hide the tears. My baby is grown up and off on his own. Leaving me in a very quiet house with just my fur babies and husband(Oh and his mother but we wont go there!). I am proud of him and he is so excited and Im trying to be happy even though my heart is breaking.
This is the first time he has ever shared a room and his room mate seems very shy and quiet. My son is not..... he is very outgoing and friendly. He was ecstatic to realise his room overlooks the football field and the girls on the floor kept coming to introduce themselves! Im sure he will be just fine and maybe someday I will adjust. Guess I better get crafting to take up my idle time!
Hope you are all having a good long weekend! Hugs!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Name is Earl....

And I am a hurricane! Yup we are about 12-14 hours away from being hit my Huricane Earl. It is expected to make landfall in Nova Scotia early tomorrow morning. Hopefully he will be a tropical storm by then but we will still get the effects. Sooooo....hubby is out moving things and hoping the new fence holds up!

On top of all that this is the weekend I lose my son to University. Its bittersweet really....he is soooo excited so I cant help but be excited for him. On the other hand I am sad. My only child is moving out and Im truly not dealing very well with that at all. He will be about 45 minutes away but it just wont be the same.

Not exactly the long weekend I was hoping to have! I hope you all have a good weekend and those in line with Earl stay safe!!