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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Nest is Empty :( and Earl left a Mess!!

Remember my new fence? This is what it looks like after Earl Passed thru. The wind literally bent thick steel rebar until it snapped. The only good thing is the panels are intact so we just have to reset some posts. My Furry boys helping to remove fallen tree limbs! Big Maple Tree limb that came down in our back yard. Chance loves sticks and thought he could pull this one around...little too heavy for him!
And in other heartbreaking is my handsom son outside his new home. We moved him to University residence today. They were running on partial power due to the storm and of the 4 elevators only one was operational. So you can imagine the line ups to get to the elevator with all their belongings when there were thousands of students to move in. No ventilation and he is on the 17th floor of the high rise complex so definately not doing the stairs! Full power was restored this afternoon although there are still parts of the city with no power due to downed trees and lines.
This is me and him....and it was very windy so I look a mess....ok I was a mess and thats why Im wearing the sunglasses to hide the tears. My baby is grown up and off on his own. Leaving me in a very quiet house with just my fur babies and husband(Oh and his mother but we wont go there!). I am proud of him and he is so excited and Im trying to be happy even though my heart is breaking.
This is the first time he has ever shared a room and his room mate seems very shy and quiet. My son is not..... he is very outgoing and friendly. He was ecstatic to realise his room overlooks the football field and the girls on the floor kept coming to introduce themselves! Im sure he will be just fine and maybe someday I will adjust. Guess I better get crafting to take up my idle time!
Hope you are all having a good long weekend! Hugs!


  1. Welcome to the club of the empty nesters Holli! I SO know exactly how you are feeling, but I can promise you it does get better:) Just talked to my son and found out they changed his AIT to Ft. Lee, Virginia which is 2 hours more to drive than MD would have been, but not sure if we can visit him there yet anyway. I will be seeing mine on WED!!!!!! Watch for pics when i get home:)

  2. Hey sweetie! You've been in my thoughts a lot today. Glad you got him settled in o.k. and I know that time will ease your pain. You SHOULD craft more ~ you are really good at it! ;)
    Love you bunches!

  3. So sorry to hear of the damage to your new fence. Thank God you are all safe. It is hard to look your best when your heart it hurting. Time has a way of flying by & the next thing you know your young man will be graduating. You will cry then to. Maybe he might come home to the nest then. You have a good idea - crafting - go to it. Blessings to you & yours!

  4. Holli,
    Sorry to hear about your new fence...but I'm glad that you all are safe.
    I remember when we became empty is a hard thing to go through, but I promise that it will get easier with time. And yes, crafting is a good thing to will keep you busy!!

  5. I am sorry to hear about your fence, but I'm glad no one was hurt.

    Oh I am so not looking forward to my kids moving away. I remember when I went to college. I don't think my parents cried though. LOL. I was the last one to leave. They knew I was only 20 mintues from home.