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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mustard Pickles

Yes Mustard pickles took up my whole day today! This is Hubby chopping the onions in the food processor he insisted I needed for Christmas last year.(I have never used it>
And here is everything soaking in the salt water before we cook and add sauce! Its been a longggg day.
And in the pot with the sauce....dont they look good? And my house smells wonderful!
Its an old recipe of my grandmothers and everyone loves them but as usual no one but me ever makes them. So we did a double batch and most of the family will get a jar at Christmas.

I have also been working on a crow this weekend. He is all cut out and ready to sew(hopefully this evening) and soon he will have a name! Go on over to prim pals forum and vote in Name that crow post!

Tomorrow I work...hope you all are having an awesome weekend.




  1. This looks yummy. You are one brave lady doing all this prep work. But you will have a nice batch of Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing and I need to go see that crow. Anne

  2. Ok, I gotta ask is that cauliflower in there? I've never had mustard pickles. So what is in them?


  3. Hey girlfriend! I've never heard of mustard pickles. Sounds interesting! Is it like a relish or salsa thing? Can't wait to see that crow! Don't work too hard tomorrow.
    Love ya!
    Donna :)

  4. Can't wait to see the crow..Are the pickles called "Ice Box Pickles"? and made with mustard seeds. I made some when the neighbor gave us a ton of cucumbers..Billy didn't care for them so of course I am forced to eat them all :)
    Can you share the recipe or was your GM name "Bushes" :)

  5. Hi Holli.. I should have smelled those lovely pickles up here instead of looking out the door for
    Hope to see you sometime when I get back home, though....

  6. We have always just called them mustard pickles and yes there is cauliflower in mustard seed....tumeric and dry mustard. Faye I had hoped to come but with working Sunday now at the gift shop I just couldnt squeeze it in! Now I will have to wait til spring!

  7. The pickles look good and its nice to see Dave there helping you! *laughing* I bet your family loves getting your homemade Christmas gifts!

    How is the crow coming along? I am going to be sewing soon. Wendell finally got my table cleared off for me!

    love ya Sis!

  8. Holli,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm surprised you didn't enter my giveaway. I have it posted on my sidebar and the post is further back. You can enter every day and I am having multiple winners with more items being added. They will be surprises.
    Do you want to share your recipe for the mustard pickles? I would be honored to post it on my recipe blog.

  9. Made me smile.
    We have a juice "thing"... ha ha... I have never used it either :-) x x x x ha ha ha h ah ah oh boy.... fell off my chair !

  10. I love homemade pickeled veggies! My grandpa did it years ago. YUMMY! Thanks for joinng my blog!
    :o] mandy

  11. Looks wonderful and I'm sure it smelled even more wonderful!