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Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Yard is changing!

Im finally getting the privacy fence I soooo need!! As you can see our yard backs onto a grocery store parking lot. Now we live in a small town and its not that its overly busy or anything but if we are in the back yard we are visible to everyone! This pic is the big pile of stuff we removed from the other side of our yard this past weekend. Its taken facing my neighbours partially built fence.....we like him so we wont be blocking that side just across the back and....
down this side we are putting a shorter picket style fence just to keep people from walking thru! Where you see those cans is where all those old leaves and brush came from. We had to clean it out to start the fence. The wooden box was apparently at one time a sand box.....we pulled it out and it is being moved to another part of the yard as a raised garden.
This is the pile of fence panels delivered last thursday and dropped in the front yard! Im really excited!
This is looking towards the back of the property and down the side that is getting the picket fence(between the trees). And Chance of course was helping. Another look at the area we cleaned out....I see a bench and some flowers in there after the fence is in place!
I hope you all had a good Memorial Day Weekend. It wasnt a holiday here in Canada but I took advantage of the days I did have off and got lots of work done. Lots more to do yet....stay tuned!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swap Goodies and a dumpster find.... Sort of!!

Dont you just love the smell of Lilacs? I sure do so I brought some in today off the tree in my yard. Harley was eyeing them and eventually did chew them a bit!
Last week when it was clean up week and I was out dumpster diving I was talking to a neighbour who was moving. She told me she had an old desk she wanted to sell. So I went in to look...and $200 later came home with this old Secretary! I love it! I was so pleased....but as you can see I havent found a place for it yet. We have worked so much in the yard my house is really suffering...what a mess! Here it is open and as you can see Harley has to investigate everything! he was getting ready to settle into the little cubby for a nap.
I have been participating in the Prim Pals monthly exchanges and this is a pic of all the goodies my first pal (Stella from Stellar creations) sent me! She spoiled me with a covered box she made,lots of candles and soap and scented rose hips,a little tea pot,wax tarts and of course a rooster! Thanks Stella I love everything!
If your interested in joining check out the Prim Pals Blog or Forum....lots of fun!

Well Im off to bed....long day of fence building and cleaning in the yard and gardens. Pics of all that soon! Hugs to all!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check out this giveaway!

WOWOWOWOW!! How generous is this giveaway?! I just found this new blog from one of my other followers. You should all check out her blog at Friendship Crossing . Beautiful Americana decor! Even though I am not American I can appreciate wonderful Americana things! While you are there sign up as a follower and enter the great giveaway!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada and the weather has been fabulous for us. Yesterday morning I got up early and hit the road to yard sale! I was out of the house at 7:30am and my first stop was my sisters since she was having a yard sale and I wanted to be early. There were already people there when I arrived but I spotted this picture as I was getting out of the car and well it had a crow....I had to have it!! Its hard to tell how bit it actually is. I would say the frame is at least 2 feet across. My husband hung it up so my lovely Harley Cat would stay out of the berries! It isnt staying here and the frame isnt staying green! The wreath needs cleaned up a bit but otherwise its great. The picture background is painted and the crow and star are stencilled on.

The next pic is a small shelf with black stars I had to have. Again the shelf wont stay that color but its an easy make over for that. The little rocking chair is from my dumpster diving last week! Any suggestions on what to do with the seat of it???

I also got two almost new pairs of Capris I can wear to work, a bath sign, and a set of curtains for my upstairs bathroom in my travels and all of that for $15! It was a great day. I stayed and helped my sister for awhile and visited with them. Then I came home and we went to work in the yard. All the Dahlia bulbs are now in and the Canta lilies will go in today. In sure that seems late to some of you but our season is so much later here.

Our big project this year is going to be a fence. We went friday night and purchased all the lumber and such to be delivered next week. Id like it to be up by the first of July so we can relax thru the summer and enjoy a little more privacy in our back yard!

Well Im off to make breakfast and head outside. Have a great day everyone!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Dumpster Diving!

This week is like a Prim Sisters dream come true around here! Spring and fall our county has a clean up week. It is our area's turn this week. I wish you could see the piles of stuff by the curb in front of everyones house. On our street there are 3 houses up for sale so those people really cleaned out! And I took advantage of that..... this little doll crib is about 50 years old. And I know this cause as I was *diving* for it my neighbour came out and told me! It still has the leather strap across the bottom to hold it together. Im not sure if I will paint it or not. My mom has alot of old dolls and raggedies so I may give it to her.
A pic of it with the bottom out. Still has the little lamb stencil on the end too!
I also got the tiniest doll rocker but I forgot to take a picture. I think the funniest part was watching was like a parade up and down our street. My husband joked about directing traffic! I did take another drive around today and I am going back after an old shutter I want to make a shelf out of. I will make sure to share the project!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mom and Me....

Thats us....yesterday on Mothers day. I love my mom. She is truly an inspiration to everyone around her. She is the strongest person I know and I admire her greatly. She has had to deal with so much and yet she still keeps smiling and plugging along. I just wanted to share her with you all :)

Have a Happy Monday!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

And the Winner is......

I dont know if you can even read the list or see the number drawn! Basically I went down the list of comments and numbered them in order I received them.
Then I went to and the number they chose was 4! On my list that is Melissa Bowman from M's Prim N Country. Congrats Melissa!
Thank you everyone for participating and for following my blog! Have a great day...especially all the moms!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Chance!! Giveaway draw tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will draw the winner of my giveaway....if you havent already entered please go back a few posts to my 100th and sign up! Thank you all again for being such great followers!

Happy Mothers day to all of the moms and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

How does my Garden Grow....

Im finally getting to post! I have been so busy with everything it seems like forever since I sat long enough to type. I took these pics last weekend around the yard. This is on of my peonies. I think it is the pink one. Surprisingly I looked today and after only a few days I bet it has grown another 2 inches!
This whole flower bed is lilies. There are different kinds and colors. All of these were here when we bought the house. It was like christmas in spring the first year because we hadnt a clue what was coming up in the gardens!
I have lots of Forget me nots! They are everywhere and spread more every year. I think they are a pretty little flower. We let them bloom and seed and then we just mow over them the rest of the summer! Then my favorite is these little violets. I had just a small bunch and that has spread this year too. I also discovered some under a tree this year so I may move them. I took this last weekend and there was one there are dozens!
We were outside almost all day Saturday. And of course Chance and Pearse were with us. Pearse doesnt lay around much for a picture but Chance was chewing a stick and I got this one of him. He is soooo beautiful! Just waiting for that lovely thick coat to start shedding!

I hope everyone is having a good week! Dont forget my giveaway! You have a couple more days to sign up. Good luck everyone.

Also thank you all for the prayers for my brother. He is still in hospital for at least another week. He has a number of health problems relating to his alcoholism, but right now the issue is an unrelated blood clot. They are calling it a massive blood clot and it is in his arm,shoulder and neck. Very close to all the vital organs. They are treating it with blood thinners unsuccessfully so far. There isnt anything to do but pray as we have tried for years to help him. Regardless of his faults and habits he is still my baby brother and I do pray God finally reaches his heart and he can be saved both spiritually and physically.

Hugs to you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Giveaway!

I havent had alot of time to post lately but hope to get some pics on here tomorrow. Just wanted to remind you all to sign up for my giveaway a few posts back! Also Prim Pals blog is having a giveaway. Just click the link on my sidebar and join!

Sorry this is so brother has been in hospital and it has been a tiring and stressful time for sure. I treasure each and every one of you as friends and thank you to so many who knew this and have showed concern and held us in your prayers. I love my blogging are all the best!