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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swap Goodies and a dumpster find.... Sort of!!

Dont you just love the smell of Lilacs? I sure do so I brought some in today off the tree in my yard. Harley was eyeing them and eventually did chew them a bit!
Last week when it was clean up week and I was out dumpster diving I was talking to a neighbour who was moving. She told me she had an old desk she wanted to sell. So I went in to look...and $200 later came home with this old Secretary! I love it! I was so pleased....but as you can see I havent found a place for it yet. We have worked so much in the yard my house is really suffering...what a mess! Here it is open and as you can see Harley has to investigate everything! he was getting ready to settle into the little cubby for a nap.
I have been participating in the Prim Pals monthly exchanges and this is a pic of all the goodies my first pal (Stella from Stellar creations) sent me! She spoiled me with a covered box she made,lots of candles and soap and scented rose hips,a little tea pot,wax tarts and of course a rooster! Thanks Stella I love everything!
If your interested in joining check out the Prim Pals Blog or Forum....lots of fun!

Well Im off to bed....long day of fence building and cleaning in the yard and gardens. Pics of all that soon! Hugs to all!



  1. Lilacs are so beautiful & smell so good. Mine had only one bloom. This was the first year for it. Your desk in wonderful. Looks like kitty thinks so to.

  2. That's a beauty for sure.
    Our lilacs have been done for weeks. The heat just does them in but they are my absolute favorite. In fact, for Mother's Day, Mike put in 7 new ones in a hedge row by our back fence. I am really looking forward to their sweet aroma and different colors next spring.
    Hey--that Harley has good taste-LOL
    ★ Linda ★

  3. Love the secretary desk..and love your Harley kitty too..and you got spoiled on the swap..I have been participating too..and have to get mine sent off on monday..we are both late in doing so..can't wait to see your hard work in your yard/garden..have a relaxing weekend.:)

  4. Love that desk! And those flowers are awesome and I'll bet they smell wonderful! Glad to see all your swap goodies! Looks like a good haul!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. I love the desk! What a find, and it seems like a good price to me! I like all of the goodies you received in the swap too!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Hi Holli~ lilacs are one of my favorites! Stella sent you some wonderful goodies and I love the desk, that is beautiful!!!!

  7. I love your desk! Very nice. I miss the smell of lilacs! Those are some of my favorite flowers ever.
    Blessings, Dawn

  8. Ok... I could of sworn I posted here.... maybe it was on the forum. lol I love lilacs too. I wish we had a few bushes here like we did at the old house.

    I love the desk! Harley seems to have made himself right at home.


  9. Yes, I agree... lilacs put off a delightful scent!

    That desk is gorgeous! It looks like it's in great shape, you can tell its's an old piece. Good price on it too.

    Wow, Stella sure spoiled you! Lots of great goodies. One of these days I hope to do a swap, they look like so much fun!