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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada and the weather has been fabulous for us. Yesterday morning I got up early and hit the road to yard sale! I was out of the house at 7:30am and my first stop was my sisters since she was having a yard sale and I wanted to be early. There were already people there when I arrived but I spotted this picture as I was getting out of the car and well it had a crow....I had to have it!! Its hard to tell how bit it actually is. I would say the frame is at least 2 feet across. My husband hung it up so my lovely Harley Cat would stay out of the berries! It isnt staying here and the frame isnt staying green! The wreath needs cleaned up a bit but otherwise its great. The picture background is painted and the crow and star are stencilled on.

The next pic is a small shelf with black stars I had to have. Again the shelf wont stay that color but its an easy make over for that. The little rocking chair is from my dumpster diving last week! Any suggestions on what to do with the seat of it???

I also got two almost new pairs of Capris I can wear to work, a bath sign, and a set of curtains for my upstairs bathroom in my travels and all of that for $15! It was a great day. I stayed and helped my sister for awhile and visited with them. Then I came home and we went to work in the yard. All the Dahlia bulbs are now in and the Canta lilies will go in today. In sure that seems late to some of you but our season is so much later here.

Our big project this year is going to be a fence. We went friday night and purchased all the lumber and such to be delivered next week. Id like it to be up by the first of July so we can relax thru the summer and enjoy a little more privacy in our back yard!

Well Im off to make breakfast and head outside. Have a great day everyone!



  1. Great finds Holli, love the crow picture, enjoy your fence...

  2. can't wait to see your fence all done..we are still working on ours...have a great rest of your weekend.:)

  3. You got some great things! Maybe for the rocking chair seat...wonder if you could just take some polyfil stuffed in fabric so it's like a small pillow. Make it to the size, or a bit larger than the seat hole and just kinda 'stuff' in in the hole? hmmmm.....

  4. Hey girlfriend! Love all the treasures you found. Not sure what you could do with the rocking chair seat. Maybe find a wooden board and cut it to fit down in the seat then cover it with a little hand made cushion with ties or something? Thank you so much for the card you sent me! I got it in the mail yesterday. It was so sweet of you to think of me. I am going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen since I'm doing my kitchen in roosters now!

  5. Would you like a cushion out of feather ticking and stained with a little coffee for the rocker? Let us all know what you come up with. Would love to see your flowers when they bloom.

  6. I love your treasures ♥ I'm looking forward to reading your posts! :)
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. I LOVE that picture! I can spot a crow a mile away! Haha! I just started collecting them about a year and a half ago... I just love them. That's a cute shelf-- will make for a nice prim makeover.

    I wish we had the time and the money for a privacy fence but ours will have to come later. There are other projects in front of that. I know you will enjoy yours when you are finished with it.