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Monday, August 9, 2010

House of Henry Goodies!

Remember when I said I would post the goodies I got on my trip to House of Henry?? Well I know Im much later than I thought but here they are! This is the cutest doll and well you all know how I love my crows and she is holding one! The sheep is adorable made out of chenille.
This is a pic of her sitting on the old quilt I also bought along with the star pillow made from an old quilt! I have them all in my bedroom on my rocker but I think she may move to the livingroom so everyone will get to see and enjoy her!
I love them all and I was so happy to meet Faye. Check out her blog and her shop at Primitive Lace!

Lots of work for me lately so I havent posted much. My brother is doing well and might possibly be home this week. He wont ever be 100% and alot is up to him but one day at a time and God has sure worked a miracle this time. My yard is looking great still and one of these days I will get pics of my wonderful fence posted. I am sooo enjoying the privacy! Hope you are all having a great summer and I promise not to stay away too long this time!



  1. love your cute little doll..and great to hear about your brother too..can't wait to see your beautiful yard too..;) have a great rest of your week;)

  2. Love your doll...she is so cute!! She reminds me of the one that I got last year at the Country Living Fair.
    Glad to hear the your brother is doing well!!

  3. Love the doll! Yes put her where she can be seen! It is so wonderful to hear your brother may come home this week. Praise God for the mericle he has given. As you said it is up to him & one day at a time. I will continue to pray for him your family & you.

  4. What a beautiful doll! I love the crow and sheep too!
    Faye is a wonderfully warm person and it was great you got to meet her in her shop!
    Hope your brother improves and will make good choices.
    Best wishes

  5. Thank you Holli for visiting and for showing your stuff..LOL..
    Still praying for your brother and your family. God is still a God of miracles!!
    Have a wonderful week and looking forward to seeing you again.


  6. I would love to visit Faye's shoppeeeee.
    Looks like she will sell out before I get there.
    :-) x x x

  7. What a sweet doll! I just love the chenille sheep she is holding and the crow is perfect! I love all those things so I would have went with this doll also! Your other goodies are great too... I love when I find a good quilt.

    Glad you are enjoying that new fence. Yes! Post some new pics! =]