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Thursday, July 22, 2010

And another update....

The ventilator has come out! My Brother called my mom this morning from the hospital to tell her he was off the ventilator. It is a glorious day and a wonderful thing to hear when less than 2 weeks ago they told us at most he would live an hour without it. Thank you all for your the long road to recovery depends alot on him and his choices. I pray he makes healthier ones this time!


  1. Oh how wonderful, Holli! Maybe he'll
    take this as a sign to change his
    ways for the better and live a long

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. It is so wonderful to hear this news. Praise be to God. We will just all continue to agree in prayer with you that God will touch him in continued healing and changes to his life.

  3. This is wonderful news, Holli and an answer to prayer.
    Having been away on holiday, I'm sorry to have missed your previous posts but will pray that your brother will continue to improve.
    wishing you every blessing

  4. Yeah.. I'm so happy for you my friend! Big hugs!

  5. Wonderful news Holli!! The power of prayer is sooo great!! Our Lord is one awesome Lord!


  6. Holli,
    This is wonderful news!! Still keeping you all in my prayers.