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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Im leaving!

Yup on my way out the door! Im so excited...hehehe! See you tonight Debbie! Had to stop for one last post! I got packed! YAY! See you all soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Day!!

Ok Im excited!!! Tomorrow morning I leave to go see my sis,Debbie at Goat Creek. Now if that excitement would just lead to motivation I might actually get my suitcase packed to go!! I am the worlds worse packer. I take too many clothes always and I know this but I will do it again anyways! Its a beautiful sunny day here and I did go outside for a bit since I ditched work to get ready...ooopsss hope no one I know reads that! So far I have at least got the clothes washed and if I could just manage to get organised and pack them. Yup thats my big empty suitcase. So far I have pj's and a pair of jeans and a t shirt. Wow thats not much for 10 days! LOL!

I guess I better get back to my packing. Harley as you can see is enjoying the sun coming in to the bedroom. This is his favorite spot to sleep in the afternoon.

I dont know when I will post again but I am sure Deb and I will find time to log in and update! See you tomorrow Sis! See everyone else...soon!! Have a great week and a fun Memorial Day Weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disco Inferno!

My son played Jumping Jack Flash in the school musical this past week....Disco Inferno. We werent supposed to take pics as the school has to purchase the rights to use the script. Well....someone sneaked in a few and this is one of him(not a good one) during an acting scene. He had the lead role and had to sing alot. Surprisingly he did very well. I am hoping I get some pics sent to me of him singing and when I do I will post them. Aidan does sing and plays the guitar but rarely for us to hear. So seeing him in that element seemed so out of character. I was the proud momma as many parents,friends and teachers approached me after the show to tell me how well he had done. Perhaps I will have a singing superstar on my hands in the future! Canadian Idol??? hehe!


Since the musical has basically consumed our household the past few weeks I havent posted much. I have worked extra to have the time off to visit Debbie. Im so excited!! I bought a new suitcase so I had room to take some secret treats and of course to bring home any yard sale finds I absolutely have to buy!! Monday is a holiday here so I only have tuesday and wednesday to work and then I am on my way! I cant believe it is so close. Hope you are all having a good weekend!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers day

Tomorrow is mothers day and I just wanted to wish all you moms a happy and peaceful day! I have been working so much this past week that I have sooo neglected everything. I did manage to get outside for a bit this morning but then had to work an extra shift from 1-5 today. Tomorrow I hope will be a quiet day at home. My one and only son is the lead in his school musical and he is in rehersals all day. I will post pics when we go next week! This is a pic of the three of us when Dave and I got married 9 years ago this August. he looks so!

I wont get to see my mom tomorrow but I did see her earlier in the week when I was up her way working. She went with me for the day and we went to some craft shops and thrift stores on the way! I love spending time with her. Love you mom!!Here is a pic of me,my mom and sister taken probably about 3 years ago now. Wow....time to do another one!Have a great day everyone and I hope to get some pics of our ongoing projects posted this week!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just one small thing to say.....

I BOUGHT A PLANE TICKET!!! Im going to Missouri to see my Sis,Debbie, at goat greek!!! YAY I cant wait!! We are gonna have so much fun! WOOHOO!!