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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Day!!

Ok Im excited!!! Tomorrow morning I leave to go see my sis,Debbie at Goat Creek. Now if that excitement would just lead to motivation I might actually get my suitcase packed to go!! I am the worlds worse packer. I take too many clothes always and I know this but I will do it again anyways! Its a beautiful sunny day here and I did go outside for a bit since I ditched work to get ready...ooopsss hope no one I know reads that! So far I have at least got the clothes washed and if I could just manage to get organised and pack them. Yup thats my big empty suitcase. So far I have pj's and a pair of jeans and a t shirt. Wow thats not much for 10 days! LOL!

I guess I better get back to my packing. Harley as you can see is enjoying the sun coming in to the bedroom. This is his favorite spot to sleep in the afternoon.

I dont know when I will post again but I am sure Deb and I will find time to log in and update! See you tomorrow Sis! See everyone else...soon!! Have a great week and a fun Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. I wish you a safe trip and FUN time!
    I know you two will have a blast! :)


  2. You better get that suitcase packed! I finally got the bed made up in your room! *lol* Can't believe your gonna be here in less than 10 hours. :D