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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers day

Tomorrow is mothers day and I just wanted to wish all you moms a happy and peaceful day! I have been working so much this past week that I have sooo neglected everything. I did manage to get outside for a bit this morning but then had to work an extra shift from 1-5 today. Tomorrow I hope will be a quiet day at home. My one and only son is the lead in his school musical and he is in rehersals all day. I will post pics when we go next week! This is a pic of the three of us when Dave and I got married 9 years ago this August. he looks so!

I wont get to see my mom tomorrow but I did see her earlier in the week when I was up her way working. She went with me for the day and we went to some craft shops and thrift stores on the way! I love spending time with her. Love you mom!!Here is a pic of me,my mom and sister taken probably about 3 years ago now. Wow....time to do another one!Have a great day everyone and I hope to get some pics of our ongoing projects posted this week!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!! Hope it will be a great day for you.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too Sis! *hugs* You didn't tell me about Aidan in the school musical... what's it called? Maybe you should video tape it so I can see. I can remember your wedding day... I think I took that picture too! Have I ever told you how much I think you look like your mom? :)

    Only 11 days to go!!!!


  3. Very nice pics and hope you have a lovely mother's day:)