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Friday, July 8, 2011

A trip and a Special Bear!

I have been on the road again....I am loving the travelling this summer! This time Hubby and I went to Maine and New Hampshire. I got to meet a great blogger and Prim Pals Forum Member Jan from Primitive Outhouse! This is her and I ate her place in NH. Jan guided me to a few Prim Shops and this one is too cute so I had to share! Im sorry I dont remember the name of the town but this is Susie's Bittersweet Treasures. She took over her hubby's garage and made herself the nicest shop! This is the side of the shop on the outside. She even let me take a pic inside....look at all those prim goodies. The furniture was beautiful! And she had some great stitcheries made locally as well. And there was even an outhouse out back!! So much to look at there. You can also find Susie's on Facebook under the same name. This is a very special Bear. He was made by Traci at York Mountain Primitives and is OAK bear. This is William named after my dad. I asked Traci to make him for my moms birthday. She did such a good job and even wrote me a little story with some details I gave her about dad. Thank you again Traci he is wonderful!

I know I have been a slack blogger lately and I hope you will all forgive me. Its summer and busy around here! Well busy with me going all over the place shopping and spending money hehe! Thank you to all my are such great people and I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. That shop is SO adorable, Love it and love that special bear!!! So nice that you got to meet a fellow blogger!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and to be able to met up with Jan is just the icing on the cake. TFS the pictures of the prim shop. Too cute. The bear, well he just is too precious. How nice of Traci to write a little story for William...makes him even more special. Sure hope your mom loves him.


  3. Wow hubba hubba look at them two cuties on the top of this post :0) Sounds like big fun , especially if your spending money , I think its very cool you got to visit sweet Jan , Enjoy your summer and your travels! I love that bear , Traci is so super talented! that shop is darling ! looks like summer shopping is off to a great start ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. What a cute shop!Awesome that you got to meet a fellow blogger.Great pic by the way.Love the bear ,Traci is very talented.How nice that dad she added details about your dad in the story. Enjoy your summer and have safe travels.Hugs,Jen

  5. Holli it was so awesome to meet you!! I can not wait for your next trip here!! Susie's is in Rochester NH and it is an AMAZING shop!! Susie is a sweetie and so are all the others who work there too!! I learned about Susie's from my old neighbor Carrie, she knew I made primitives and said I should go, so I did! My Mother and I have been hooked since! Traci that bear is sooo cute and what a great story too!! Holli luv ya sis! Glad you had a good time! =) ~((HUGS)) Jan

  6. Thank you for all the kind words! I am so thrilled when I get to meet primitive lovers! I just made this blog one of my favorites. I am just learning how to navigate with all this technology! Hope to see you again! If anyone wants to "Friend" me on Facebook - I can get into the loop! Thanks again!

  7. That's me, Susie Gordon - from Susie's Bittersweet Treasures!

  8. Hi Holli,

    You lucky gal, to be able to meet up with a prim friend for great times and shopping to boot! That shop looks amazing....Glad to hear that Mom loved her bear, it was my pleasure to make him for you both!


  9. Hi Holli.. I love the prim shop and your bear.. Lovely...
    It is so much fun doing prim shopping down there isn't it?