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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I won a Giveaway and more!

I wanted to share with you the goodies I received in the mail this past week. I am so slow getting to everything but I will get there eventually! Awhile back I won a giveaway from Kathy at My Primitive Saltbox. She was giving away this great crow and pear....then poor Kathy landed in the hospital with so health issues. Well she felt bad for not getting me my crow so she added a few goodies.While that was not necessary I have to say Im in love with everything! I just love crows and she added the great crow and sunflower mat and those easter egs are made of muslin and stuffed and painted. They found a place on my diningroom table! Thank you so much Kathy and I sure hope you get to feeling better soon! As you all know I love my babies! This is Harley all curled up in a quilt I had taken out of the dryer. I laid it in the wicker chair to do something else and when I went back to fold it this is what I found! Now how could I disturb him??? He had made a little hole and was so cosy since it was still warm from the dryer! Yesterday my son came home from university....he only has two exams left to write so my husband helped him move some of his things home. he will go back in on tuesday and then again the next tuesday and then he is finished for the summer. I am soooo excited to have him home! I miss him when he isnt here and as you can see Chance missed him too. He got right in Aidans bed for a little snuggle! Yesterday was a good day and I got lots of cleaning and organising done. Also raked some more in the yard and hopefully hubby will finish it today. I am off to work at the gift shop for the day. Hugs to you all. I hope you have a great day!


  1. Nice giveaway you won! Nothing cozier than a warm quilt! Bet your son is also glad he will be finished for the summer!

  2. Hi Holli... You received many great giveaway prizes, love them all... Have a great day, Traci

  3. I love the penny rug--it is beautiful! Lucky gal!

  4. Congratulations, your giveaway winnings are awesome!!

  5. Wonderful goodies.Sweet furbabies! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Great goodies,so worth the wait!Enjoy your day sweetie!big hugs michelle

  7. Nothing like a kitty in a quilt and a boy with his dog!! Great pictures!!
    Love the goodies that you got!!

  8. What great goodies you got! That was so nice of her to send extra. I hope Kathy is feeling better soon.

    Love the pics of your pets. I'm glad your son will be home from university soon. :)